Heloise Trudge

Bitterness and violence burying a bitter heart.


Gender: Female
DoB: 30th June 1922
Height: 6ft6
Auspice: Rahu
Tribe: Blood Talons

Mother: Patricia Trudge (born 1892)
Farther: Adam Trudge (born 1881)
Brothers: Charlie Trudge (born 1914), Graham Trudge (born 1918)
Sister: Agnis Trudge (born 1920)


Heloise was born to a middle class family in Peridus, during 1922. Being the youngest of four, she was often neglected by her cruel and unfeeling parents. They focused their attention on their sons, whom were to join the army for as long as Heloise can remember. Though she grew up distant from her brothers, Heloise shared a close bond with Agnis.

Beaten daily by her father and teachers, Heloise was bitter and angry by nature and played bully to smaller children at school- which were most given her notable height. Heloise was interested in sport. Adamant she’d perform better than her brother whom her parents shunned her in favour of, she forced her way into more masculine events and took great pleasure in beating men in competition. During WWII, while their brothers went to fight, Agnis and Heloise worked in a factory making bombs and weaponry. Agnis was able to make friends however; Heloise had become a lone wolf. One night in 1941, when Agnis had stayed with friends after work, Heloise returned home to find her elderly father crying about the boys. Consumed with jealousy she confronted him and following cruel indifference from the man, she pushed him down the stairs to the cellar- ending his life. No one ever learned the true fate of Adam Trudge.

Both brothers returned from the war and married, Agnis married as well but Heloise despised men and put all of her focus into the Hammer Throw. While her siblings were off making disgusting children, Heloise found minor fame for competing. She popularized the women’s Hammer Throw and became a champion in 1951. Throughout her career, she pushed for women’s hammer to be added to the Olympics as she aged but too little avail. She finally experienced First Change in 1959, under the full moon.

Heloise Trudge

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