Peridus by Moonlight

Game #0
Ill met by moonlight


Heloise received a letter from The Countess, and immediately went out to investigate as she had no idea who this Countess was. However, whomsoever she may be, this stranger was threatening Heloise's sister (Agnes Trudge). Heloise went straight to Agnes's house – in Exeter, via the train - to discover a crime scene: the house itself had not been broken into but upon entering she could see that the house had been turned upside down; there was traces of blood, though some effort had been made to clear up; there were claw marks on the walls. 

Heloise, after a lengthy time investigating, came to the conclusion that the house had been ransacked by another werewolf. She was able to pick up the trail of her brother-in-law (Harold Hickenbottom) and followed it to an industrial area within Exeter. It was there that Heloise discovered the eviscerated corpse of her sister's husband in the back of a transit van which was parked in front of a dog food factory. Some effort had been made to hide what was left of the body. She took the van and romped through the territory of another pack, the Shadowed Paws, who consequently chased her out. She was threatened not to come back. Heloise asked them where to find The Countess; although they were a rival pack, they pointed her in the right direction. Heloise headed straight there – through the ground of Exeter Cathedral – towards The Countess's location.

Upon her arrival to the property, Heloise was less than subtle. She got into a fracas with the security staff in which one thing lead to another and Heloise shifted to her Gauru form. It was a deliberate choice to relinquish her control over her anger and enter a death rage – this went against her oath. She killed 30 members of the house staff before being apprehended and imprisoned within the establishment. When she awoke much later on, she found herself being taunted by another prisoner with an Irish accent. Before she realised that she was being deceived, this stranger escaped, leaving Heloise with the newly unconscious guard and a pocket full of toffees. Heloise was contented with the toffees.


Tristan spent the day very much the same as always. He woke up early, had tea, got dressed and walked down to the telephone box at the end of the road. It was early enough so that no one else was up and about. Even Grace, Tristan's fiancee, had rolled over and fallen back to sleep. Tristan phoned his usual number. He was running low on his meds, and word on the street suggested that there was someone new on the criminal scene that was making life difficult for the criminal underworld. Not part of this world through choice, Tristan needed it as much as it needed him. He needed his LSD

Speaking to his usual business partner, he was informed of a meeting of the crime world taking place in Exeter on that very night. His business partner (Fred Michaels) gave Tristan the chance to attend instead, as he was not keen on being there at all. Fred offered Tristan his medication at a discounted rate, and said that he would leave the invitation inside the usual locker at the swimming baths. Tristan continued acting normal. As a very level-headed guy, nothing flustered  him or changed his demeanor. He went to work to catch up on a few tinkering projects he had to do; he visited his mistress (Marilyn O) and had coffee; he went home and got showered and dressed; he told Grace that he had a business meeting in Exeter and wouldn't be back till late. Tristan drove to Exeter and, as his invitation was for a specific event, went straight to The Countess's property. He sat in the corner of the room and waited. And waited.

And waited. He had little interaction with anyone whilst waiting for the official meet and greet to start. 


Hana ponders over the letter she is sent by the so called Countess: it involved her gambling debts so she felt it could not be ignored. Rushing out the door early in the morning with her good friend [[Laima Morris]] , both young women then sneak on to the southbound train to Exeter, and try to decipher the cryptic cards that were placed in the letter she received. Once in Exeter, it does not take the girls long to scamper through the city and find their way to estate of The Countess. Seeing that the grounds had clearly been damaged and that security was on alert, Hana created a story about a missing friend hoping to find out what had happened. Unfortunately for the girls, this simply causes the guards to think they are implicated in Heloise's attack from the night before and the two of them are lead to the same set of cells that Heloise is being held in.

Heloise, Hana, Tristan, Murdoch.

Having subdued (killed) her guard overnight, Heloise is awoken by the sound of Hana, Laima, and the guard coming into the room, and discovering that Murdoch has escaped. Frantically, he opens Heloise's cell; she stops playing dead and lunges at him. In the scuffle Hana picks up a handgun, Heloise is freed from her chains, and the guard is locked in the cell and left. 

Despite Heloise's protest's they three woman stick together, eventually finding themselves in an upstairs kitchen, within which they find a fully stocked larder, and the cause of Heloise's nighttime annoyances; an Irish Werewolf by the name of Murdoch Dalyin. Laima is herself a new Werewolf, and is somewhat overcome by the fact she has found more of her kind, and sticks close to Heloise (unsuccessfully) and Murdoch (Successfully). Naturally this confuses Hana, who proceeds to start a food fight. It becomes clear that everyone is here for the Countess in one way or another and, with a meeting in mind, Heloise goes to find some new clothes, the girls talk about depression, while Murdoch takes a nap. 

Heloise finds her way downstairs and is introduced to Tristan. Just seeing the giant woman causes a stabbing pain in the mechanics head. Luckily, she impatiently heads into the main ballroom. Within this room, Heloise manages to irritate, and be racist to, the entire of Peridus' gathered underworld: she is, however, blissfully unaware of what she has done. Being denied a meeting with the Countess, she storms back out, and just to make her night even worse she is greeted by her little pack, who all proceed to introduce themselves to Tristan. Each time an Uratha, greets him, the pain in his head gets worse, until the Irishman gives him a firm handshake. The pain then becomes so unbearable that Tristan has to excuse himself and, as he rushes to find a bathroom, he feels his body change and warp. By the time he locks himself in a bathroom and looks in the mirror, it's a womans face staring back at him. He is a she, Tristan is Triss. With this change comes a flood of memories; wolves, hunting, running, not his memories, but hers, all together as their memories. 

Keeping a level head, she walks back to her new acquaintances. Heloise refuses to be around a man who is now a woman whilst Laima and Murdoch happily greet the newly aware (sort of) Uratha. Not particularly phased by this change, Hana decides that she should at least dress like a lady, and the two of them set out to raid some new clothes for the party ahead. Laima stays back with Murdoch, the two of them begin to speak privately about what they are, and the detective starts to take her under his wing. 

Returning, dressed in stunning dresses, the woman distract Murdoch from whatever he is saying, and conversation strays towards going in and finally meeting this Countess. Laima goes straight in to bother Heloise who just wants to enjoy her tonic water in peace. Murdoch refuses to enter the room, telling the ladies that he will stay and guard the door. Not buying his excuse, they probe him and discover why he does not want to enter. His sister Debra Dalyin and brother Paul Dalyin are inside, and not only has he been estranged for a decade, but hates his siblings. Linking arms with the Irishman, the women drag him through the double doors, and through the room towards Heloise and Laima. 

Not before long, the Countess graces the room with her presence from a small balcony box overhead. She simply tells the room that she is coming for Peridus, and that everyone in the room is to greet her with open arms, or find themselves suffering. She bookends by saying that anyone who she has arranged a private meeting with her will be shown to her by her staff in twenty minutes. Impatient with having to wait again, and aggravated by the now loud and bothered crowd, Heloise takes Hana's gun and fires a shot at a central chandelier, bringing it down on top of the buffet table and a handful of guests. This action causes a stampede of people and Hana is caught in the centre of it. Dragged down and trampled on, something deep within Hana is triggered, her true self, her inner hunter breaks free. She undergoes the First Change, her body rips it's self apart and reforms as her Gauru form; the traditional Werewolf people imagine. All that she feels during her time in this form is pure fury, and she rips apart and eviscerates anyone who straggles in the room, until the only people left are the ragtag pack, with only a turned over table between them. Laima tries to speak with Hana but is almost gutted by her good friends new claws. Triss keeps her calm and has to bite back her own urge to fall into a death rage, Murdoch changes into his Urshal form and does his best to herd the raging Uratha. Heloise simply does not get involved with the whole ordeal, and only steps in when it seems like she may be in danger, pushing a bookcase down towards Hana in an attempt to keep her at bay. 

Hana rages for about ten minutes before she passes out, and wakes up some time after that. By this point, Heloise has walked off in search of the Countess, Triss tends to Laima's wounds, and Murdoch waits for Hana to regain consciousness. He greets the new pup, and tries to comfort her in his own way; giving her a drink, and a drag on his cigarette, Hana then reminds him that she is in fact naked and covered in blood, she finds herself some new clothes from the bodies, and they both meet up with everyone else.

When ready, the four Uratha enter the Countess' office, leaving a steadily regenerating Laima on a sofa. Negotiation with their host is taut at best, with her setting a precedent for each of her guests. Heloise is told of her sister and how she murdered her own husband and came to the Countess for help, and that if Heloise simply did what she was told she would see her family again. Hana's gambling debts belonged to the Countess, so Hana would have to find a way to pay them, or the Countess would think of something for her. Triss was an unexpected guest and, after speaking, she agrees to make sure that the product supply that Triss needs will not be disrupted by her actions in Peridus, as long as she stays out of her business. Murdoch, however, is simply told to stop causing her trouble, and stop his investigations into her, or he would not walk away from it. She also seems to have a fascination with her discovery of real life Werewolves, something that clearly makes the Irishman unhappy.

  When it comes time to leave, Heloise is abrupt and declines a car ride with her fellow Uratha; she instead adopts her wolf form and stubbornly runs back home. She is ,however, watched, and harried by various other Wolves, and Spirits as she transgresses her Oath to the Moon, and foreign territory. Hana rests her injured friend on Triss's back seat and sits with her as they drive home; Murdoch sits upfront whilst Triss drives. The Irishman is clearly uncomfortable in Peridus but thankful for the Bostonians help. Triss drops the girls near their home, Hana invites Murdoch to stay with them until he has his own place in Peridus, an offer he accepts. Leaving Triss to figure out how to change back in to Tristan with some privacy, she then changes back in to her male clothing, and goes home to Grace as if nothing had ever happened.





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