Murdoch Dalyin

Irishman of ill repute, thought dead; still kicking.


The Basics

Gender: Male
Date of Birth: January 15th 1936.
Hishu Height: 6’1
Hishu Weight: 195 pounds.
Date of First Change: October 10th 1952
Auspice: Irraka
Tribe: Hunter in Darkness

Murdoch is a fairly striking man, not only is he tall and strong, but has red hair, strong features, and and Irish twang to his voice. Never cleanly shaven, and always dressing down to better blend in with crowds, Murdoch prefers his actions to speak over his appearance.

Murdoch is an Irraka through and through, he has however had trouble settling with a Tribe. Trying to become both an Iron Master and Blood Talon, he never found himself fitting in with either group. Murdoch has however found that he suits the Hunters in Darkness well, and see’s the Hosts as a far more insidious threat than anything else that the Tribes hunt.


Adoptive Mother: Mary Dalyin
Father: Aiden Dalyin
Sister: Debra Dalyin
Brother: Paul Dalyin
Sister in Law: Ruby Dalyin


Modern Hunt

Current legitimate job: Seeking justice for an aggrieved family
Criminal Job: Collecting information on The Court, and their so called “Countess”

Murdoch is currently settled in Exeter after drifting from city to city for the last year. He has an apartment that doubles as an office for his Detective Agency, and although this is primarily a front for his criminal occupations, he does take legitimate jobs; the ones the Police won’t touch. This lets him keep his Oath to Luna, whilst being an efficient if not unorthodox Iron Master.


Murdoch is the youngest son of two Gangsters and was raised in a criminal household, primarily by his manipulative sister Debra Dalyin. The most naturally athletic of the Dalyin siblings, he easily secured a place in the Peridus criminal underworld. This was until his first change. Murdoch is however is only a half sibling to his brother and sister, and is in no way related to his “mother” at all. He is the son of Aiden, and an unknown mother, who is as far as he is aware is not from Peridus. This gained him the childhood nickname: Murdoch the bastard.
Murdoch discovered his heritage at the age of sixteen, changing after seeing his father attacked by a group that he would later discover to be Hunters. Aiden Dalyin himself was a Werewolf, thrilled to find that he finally had a child who took on his heritage, so his training as an Uratha began. Murdoch spent much more time with his father and fathers pack, was pulled from school, and was taken on his fathers business trips far more often, making his siblings jealous. This training abruptly came to an end, when Aiden and his pack were ambushed and slaughtered by the same compact of hunters who had attacked them years before, this time however the pack was not ready. Young adult Murdoch was commanded to run by his father, and since then he has never really stopped.

Murdoch spent ten years in the SaS, and was deployed all over the world, most notably in: Korea, Egypt, and Malaysia. He has never spoken to anybody at length about his career, but he has many medals, and views his time in the forces warmly.

When he finally returned to England in 1963 , it was clear that everyone he left behind thought he was dead, so he never attempted to re-establish contact. Instead he toured the Country as a “problem solver” for hire, always staying freelance he never laid down roots, and never chose sides.
As of 1965 something is drawing him home, something he simply can’t ignore. Established as a Private Investigator that has never failed a case, and as a seasoned Irraka, Murdoch is bringing his hunt back to Peridus.

Murdoch Dalyin

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