Paul Dalyin

Vicious Coward

Paul is the middle child, and smooth talker of the Dalyin siblings. Lacking the mental capability of Debra Dalyin, or physical gifts of Murdoch Dalyin, Paul relies on charm, sleaze, and good looks to get ahead. 

Standing at 5'7 with the same familial red hair and brown eyes of his siblings, Paul makes a good front man for businesses, but is seen as the weakest of the siblings. Choosing to forever live an easy life, he faked insanity to avoid conscription, and chooses to live in his sisters shadow and do as he is told instead of striking out on his own. 


Like his sister he no longer speaks with his accent, and like most jealous siblings, he can be spitefully and aggressive, often meaning his sister has to clean up his messes.

His only real success has been marrying a wealthy Italian; Ruby Dalyin. However this is a marriage of convenience, the two live apart, and Ruby holds more sway within the family than Paul.


Paul Dalyin

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