Debra Dalyin

Head of the Dalyin Family

Debra Dalyin is the eldest child and only daughter of Aiden Dalyin and Mary Dalyin. She was born in 1931 and is by far the most intelligent of the Dalyin siblings, she now runs the criminal and legitimate wings of the families recourses. 

Standing at 5'7, she has the same brown eyes, and red hair as her siblings, she has however over time removed any trace of her Irish accent. In public she presents herself as prim and proper, hiding her criminal enterprise behind various fronts and charities. Members of her gang know her as a professional if not unforgiving boss. Whilst her siblings know her as a manipulative, control freak, someone who treats everyone as a tool, even her own family. 

She is driven, and will always justify her actions, but never apologise. She is doing what is best for the family, and best for business, she has no need to apologise.


Debra Dalyin

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