Ruby Dalyin

Fiery Sophisticate

Born in 1937 to a Familia Caporegime and his wife, Ruby Mancini, now Dalyin, was brought up with a lavish and criminal lifestyle. Though kept away from Familia business, Ruby had a keen interest in the criminal, and made it her life goal to see women take part in Familia business.

Naturally she was kept away from the children of other Peridus gangs, but would sneak out and run with the self styled "Black Roses"; the teenage gang that the Dalyin's use to cause mayhem with. So when the Familia and Downtown Irish chose to build a truce via marriage, Ruby was happy to join both gangs. 

She was married to the eldest son as is tradition, but soon discovered that Paul could never back his words up, he was more rich boy poser that exciting Irish Gangster. She could not stand how weak a man she was married too, and finally did something about it. Aiden had been murdered, Murdoch had vanished and was presumed dead, all whist her husband had hidden from the danger. She did the unexpected and took the space that Murdoch left behind within the family, becoming Debra's closest friend, cementing her part as a leading member of the Family. She now heads the families high society affairs, and handles any sensitive issues, all while keeping her husbands exploits under the radar. 

Ruby is a petite woman of Italian descent, a second generation child, she represents the modern side of the traditional Familia. Best described as a woman of substance, with an underlying reckless nature, she brings the fire when Debra brings the ice. Physically she is a small woman in her early thirties, she has a traditional Sicilian look about her. One distinguishing feature is her black rose tattoo, unlike others with the same tattoo, hers is on her leg.



Ruby Dalyin

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